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If you are a representative of one of the e.p.a. partner organisations who received an invitation for the International Training Seminar “Osallisuus nyt! Participation now! – Respecting Diversity, Discovering Equality, Celebrating Participation” from 23rd till 30th of May 2018 in Turku / Finland, please use this form to apply for your participation!

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e.p.a. will handle your personal data with care! e.p.a. will only pass on essential information to third parties in order to organise the Seminar (for visa applications if required, booking of accommodation / travel etc.).

Before you start to fill in the form, please make sure you have all necessary information available!

All boxes with a * must be filled in. If you have any questions feel free to contact e.p.a.

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* Participants will come from a variety of geographic, political, social, cultural and also financial backgrounds. It has always been e.p.a. policy to share: “From those according to their ability to those according to their needs”. e.p.a. realises that some participants are happy to share even more ... but some find it difficult to make this contribution. This is not a problem. Please contact e.p.a. to find a solution before the seminar!

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