Hand in Hand - networking for peace and democracy

International Training course: Power of the open circle! – Hand in Hand, networking for peace and democracy

23.-29.10.2019 in Hamburg, Germany

The aim of this international seminar was to support the commitment of civil society organisations in the youth field by working together on political, institutional and organisational aspects of their initiatives. The seminar focused on the “cultivation of potentials” of the youth civil society as an important player for peaceful and democratic development and for a positive shift in their communities. The power of partnership-lead networking, political dimensions of our commitment and ways to take influence in decision-making processes were strongly considered in this seminar programme.

Workshop themes:

* The role and potentials of youth civil society for peace and democracy + the idea further developing of “the list of recommendations”

* Tools and concept of active citizenship education in youth work

* What to do when civil society spaces are shrinking?

* What do we work for, how and with whom? Getting involved in politics, without jeopardizing our identity as a youth organisation

* “Vision, mission, strategy”? – Youth civil society between credibility and professionalization

* Let’s become stronger together! Cooperation and networking (local, regional, national, international)

* Partnership with sponsors? Our (in)dependence!

* Improving our Visibility – be active and show it!

* Less “for”, more “with” – how to develop youth participation within organisations?

* Let’s meet real politicians – how can we increase our visibility and impact on decision-making?

* Alternative walking tour  – “Places of Resistance in Hamburg” (with history and current topics)

* Getting to know Council of Europe/European Youth Foundation



This seminar was a part of e.p.a. project ”Power of the open circle! – Young people discover active citizenship!“, which included three training and networking seminars, the first one in Ceuta, Spain, in March, the second one in Thessaloniki, Greece, and the third one in Hamburg, Germany.

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