“Jovens4dignity” – Youth work in our communities: re-discovering dignity

e.p.a. International Training Seminar for Youth and Play Workers

 "Jovens4dignity - Youth work in our communities: re-discovering dignity"

7th to 14th September 2016 in Lisbon and Oeiras, Portugal





This international project brought together 32 Youth and Play Workers from 19 disadvantaged communities mainly in Europe, to work face to face under the theme “Dignity”.

The context:

The idea for this Seminar came from the observation of many our partners that, for a few young people the doors to acquire key competencies, education and employment are wider open than ever, but an increasing number of youngsters are excluded – even from basic resources!

The objectives:

-       To celebrate our intercultural diversity and our mutual wish to cooperate, exchanging personal and professional experiences and learning from each other

-       To get to know the Eco-estilistas’ amazing youth and community work in “Bairro de Chelas” in Lisbon, as well as to discover the Portuguese culture

-       To understand the situation of young people in different countries and to exchange best practices and methodologies to work with them

-       To learn how to create the conditions for young people to play an active role in society and politics, as well as to restore their right to respect and dignity


The participants had a unique intercultural learning experience, carried out with the e.p.a.'s methodology "working, learning and playing together" in a climate that welcomes differences and confirms equal rights.


In the end we collected and compiled the results and ideas from our workshops and created our own Road Map to Dignity!



Between 9th and 14th June the project Team had a preparatory meeting in Lisbon and Oeiras with the host group Eco-estilistas to make sure that every participant will have an extraordinary learning experience in an intercultural environment.


This project is funded by
the European Youth Foundation
of the Council of Europe