Setting Sails for Partner-Ships

For our 1st exchange in Germany 2018

Visas were refused for all young participants from Ghana!!!

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The e.p.a. “A different Triangle” youth cooperation project (2007-2010) encouraged young people to become even more active in their communities - taking over responsibility. Many months ago these new “leaders” wished and proposed to revitalise and activate our international cooperation with another exchange project, to create opportunities for “their” young people! This was the initial motivation to propose our new exchange project "Setting Sails for Partner-Ships".

Act for Change in Accra (Ghana) and e.p.a. in Hamburg (Germany) put their heads together, identified topics of mutual interests and looked for possible funding ooportunities. Finally we achieved to receive a weltwärts grant (extracurricular exchange projects in the context of Agenda 2030).

Our bi-lateral youth exchange project looks into concepts for fair global partnerships, based on equal rights and solidarity, essential for sustainable development. Implementing the goal practically by developing participative, playful methods, working with youth in the communities, e.g. interactive theatre.

During the project we will work on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals – especially on goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals. We want to explore the Goals – also with a critical look –, we want to find answers to our questions and inform many other people about the SDGs!

The project highlights will be two youth exchanges: 2018 in Germany and the reverse visit in Ghana in 2019.

It is planned to prepare and facilitate workshops and presentations. We will meet politicians and activists to discuss, to inform ourselves and of course to communicate our ideas and demands. During our alternative city tours in Hamburg and Accra, we will also learn about the colonial heritage of our cities. We organize intercultural evenings with many guests, who we would like to impress with our cooking skills and intercultural presentations. With different project visits, we want to make multifaceted civil society engagement visible.

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