The Triangle in Amsterdam

e.p.a. Triangle Tri–Continental Youth Exchange Evaluation
4th - 14th of October 2010 in Amsterdam - Netherlands

The e.p.a. Triangle Youth Exchange comes to an end with an Evaluation Seminar in Amsterdam. The three years project was based on the old Transatlantic Slave Trade and involved young people from 3 Continents, 16 Countries and 20 Cities.

Amsterdam was the main port of the Dutch Slave ships where over 2,000 voyages took half a million Slaves to the Dutch West Indies and Suriname. The Dutch were not the main Slavers this was without doubt Britain, Spain, France and Portugal, but they did remain in “colonial mode” for much longer and the Dutch colonies were some of the last to gain independence.

This Evaluation Seminar reflected on these three years. The meetings in Hamburg, Liverpool, Recife, Santo Domingo, Lisbon and Accra. The impact of the Slave Trade on Communities, Culture, Education, Poverty, Racism, Health and Wealth. The future of Africa and its descendants on the 3 Continents.

This Evaluation Seminar was hosted by our partner Combiwel.


The programme of our evaluation seminar


During our past activities our young people from the Netherlands did some research in the streets of Amsterdam.