Why a "different Triangle"?

Why a “different triangle“?

Less than 200 years ago there was still a horrendous TRIANGLE -Transatlantic Slave Trade going on. It consisted of three journeys:

1 * The outward passage from Europe to Africa carrying manufactured goods, where Africans were captured and deported under brutal conditions.

2 * The middle passage from Africa to the American and Caribbean colonies, carrying African captives and other “commodities” under brutal conditions. Many died during the middle passage and those who survived, were exploited as slaves working on the plantations.

3 * The homeward passage carrying sugar, tobacco, rum, cotton back to Europe.


It is estimated that during two hundred years 11-12 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic into slavery. Whilst there are not many people in Europe who think about this, there are many people in Africa, the Caribbean and South America who still suffer the effects of the slave trade. The aims of the age of enlightenment and French revolution are still waiting to be claimed and fulfilled: freedom, equality and solidarity.


What we want?

We want to develop a “different triangle” of youth cooperation between the three continents. 

We want to get to know and share our different stories and histories, our identities, the way we live and our opportunities, our differences and what we have in common.

During the youth exchange we will focus on how to create our personal and social identities, youth empowerment, intervene playfully for our rights, nurture our civil societies… and encourage each other to use our networking to get involved for a more just distribution of the chances to live.