"YOUth find the power!"

e.p.a. Youth ExchangeYOUth find the power! - Young people from East and West become empowered to challenge the politics that affect them" in the UK (EU!) invited young people from six countries to explore young people’s participation and their active role for democracy.

From 19th July till 2nd August 2019 about 50 young people from Tyumen and Kurgan (Russian Federation), Kiev (Ukraine), Sofia (Bulgaria), Lisbon (Portugal), Hamburg (Germany) and from Liverpool (UK) came together in a youth and outdoor center in Caernarfon, North Wales for the first week and the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool for the second week to discuss, explore, play and celebrate international friendship.

The exchange was hosted by the amazing local hosting group "e.p.a./Up4Change" from Liverpool.

The project continued e.p.a.’s commitment to democracy and active citizenship education. The idea for the project came up during our last IYE in Ukraine ‘Let’s Raise Our Voices!’. The strained relationships between the Russian Federation, the EU and Ukraine, the chaos of Brexit negotiations, youth unemployment, the increasing popularity of right-wing political parties and 'hate speech' in many European countries showed the need to use our voices for a positive change - and for our rights and diversity!

The participants gained a common knowledge of democratic processes and European values and new understanding that political decisions aren’t only abstract concepts, but it is all about us and our voice! Yes indeed - during this Youth Exchange YOUth found the power!

Each group prepared a presentation about their cities and communities; they created a youth-led workshop on the theme of participation and how they can challenge political decisions, which affect them. Besides of the workshops, the programme included intercultural games, excursions, project visits and cultural programme.

An Advanced Planning Visit of our International Youth Exchange took place from 12th - 15th April 2019 in the UK and brought together representatives from all involved partner organisations. Together we prepared the programme and visited the programme venues in North-Wales and in Liverpool.


This project is funded by
the European Union